Our project "Haemotest-Micro" carried out together with CCA Istok-EOS under the state contract No. 16.512.11.2003 with the Ministry of Education and Science in 2011-2012 by results of the expert analysis is referred to the category "The best 500"! See materials of the final scientific conference devoted to results of the realization of FTsP - M: MISiS, on September 24-25, 2013, 185p.

The series of new our articles on noninvasive medical spectrophotometry (NMS) was published. And it is not our final publications in this difficult 2013 year... (see details).

In laboratory 14.06.2013 passed the discussion of a topic and time of implementation of the Ph.D. thesis of our junior researcher Denis Lapitan. Staff of laboratory of medical and physics researches, department of functional diagnostics, endoscopic clinics, department of professional pathology and laboratory of experimental methods of physics of the Moscow physics and technology institute (MIPT) took part in the discussion.

The Russian Fund of Basic Researches (RFBR) supported our joint with the Kurchatov's NBIC-center fundamental project "Investigation of Physical and Chemical Properties and Pharmacokinetics of Bioresorbable Polymers bearing Cells and Drugs".

Our colleague, Ph.D., MD Dmitry Kulikov won a competition on receiving the allowance of the President of Russian Federation for young scientists and postgraduate students. We congratulate on the victory! From 18.01.2013 he is transferred to a position of the senior researcher of our laboratory.

By results of the evaluation of presentations of young scientists at the V Troitsk conference on medical physics and innovations in medicine "Medical physics 2012" three our young employees - Dmitry Kulikov, Denis Lapitan and Oksana Smirnova are awarded diplomas of the I-st and the II-nd degree.

Within February-June 2012?. together with representatives of SPE "LAZMA" Ltd. and Orel State Technical University within the Contract on scientific and technical cooperation with SPE "LAZMA" Ltd. the staff of our laboratory carried out several master classes in Germany and Scotland on the subject of a noninvasive medical spectrophotometry.

Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR) has supported our new project "Scientific and engineering foundations of functioning of medical service robots in clinics".

At Institute of medical and biological problems (IMBP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences on December, 22nd 2011 a defence of the dissertation of our researcher Dmitriy A. Kulikov "The correction of functional and organic defects in a case of age involution of thymus, experimental diabetes mellitus, encopresis by transplantation of allogenic tissues" on Ph.D. scientific degree in medical sciences has taken place. Congratulations!

We congratulate our younger research assistant D.G. Lapitana on a victory in the competition ending "UMNIK-2011" ["CLEVER MAN 2011"], which was organised by Fund of assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises in scientific and technical sphere ("FASIE")!

In MONIKI on October, 28th 2011, the scientific Conference of the Central State District (CSD) "Laser technologies in medicine - we look ahead" has taken place. The Conference has been devoted problems of the further development of laser methods, devices and technologies for diagnostics and treatment of diseases.