The Laboratory of «Medical and Physical researches» ("MedPhys Research" Laboratory) is a structural scientific division of the Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI) named after M.F.Vladimirskiy in a frame of experimental and clinical research department. The Laboratory was organized since January 2009 on the order No.563 of the director of the Institute from 27.10.08 on the basis of the decision of the Academic council of MONIKI No.8 from 20.10.08 for the purpose of development of fundamental scientific researches in the Institute on boundaries of different areas of medicine, physics and biology, expansion of interdepartmental interaction of MONIKI with leading scientific institutes of the system of Russian Academy of Sciences, higher educational institutions as well as with both other enterprises and organizations which are engaged in development of new medical technologies, new high technology methods, apparatus and devices for medicine. In 2020 our Laboratory became the part of the Department of Experimental and Clinical Research of MONIKI in a frame of a campaign to enlarge the structural divisions of MONIKI. At the beginning of 2022 vivarium and vivarium personnel were separated from the Laboratory into a separate structural unit of the Experimental and Clinical Research Department.

     Activity of our Laboratory is directed on solving the following basic scientific and practical problems:
     • Planning, organization and currying out both independently and together with other  clinics of our Institute an experimental and theoretical research in various areas as well as on a joint of medical physics, biophysics, biology, physiology and medicine, directed on a creation of new methods of diagnostics and treatments on the basis of using of non-ionizing physical factors, phenomena, methods and devices, of using of different scientific-based methods of regenerated medicine and all of that are directed on reception of new fundamental knowledge of people, about an etiology and pathogenesis of theirs diseases and about theirs physiological reactions in the "patient-device-doctor" system;
     • Development and substantiation by results of research new principles for new medical devices, methods and technologies for needs of Public Healthcare Services (PHS) of Moscow Region, of applied medicine and of a medical Science as a whole;
     • Rendering of scientific, methodical and organizational-technical help to specialists of other divisions of MONIKI, other clinics and other organizations of the system of PHS of Moscow Region in development of new, high-technology medical equipment as well as in expert estimation of a validity of physical principles and mechanisms of new equipment’s functioning from the evidence-based scientific point of view. Scientific assistance for doctors of other divisions of our Institute and other organizations of the system of PHS of Moscow Region in a competent choice, calculation, definition and a substantiation of dosages and modes of physical non-ionizing influences on patients and laboratory animals;
     • Participation in carrying out in Institute and accompanying of official clinical validation trials (tests) of new medical equipment under different contracts with manufacturers of medical equipment according to the legislation existing in Russian Federation;
     • Conducting fundamental scientific research in the field of medical robotics, autonomous service medical robots, including objectives of finding ways to create intelligent robotic systems with elements of consciousness, i.e. systems that are not inferior in their functionality to humans and animals;
     • Participation within the frames of MONIKI’s Faculty of Improvement of Doctors’ Qualification in preparation of high-experienced experts of medical profile with profound knowledge of individual questions of theoretical and experimental physics, biophysics, medical physics and biology on a profile of the preparation of experts.
     Main scientific research lines in the Laboratory are two directions:
     - Research, development and introduction into a clinical practice new methods, devices and technologies of Noninvasive Medical Spectrophotometry (NMS);
     -  Research in the field of fundamental scientific and engineering foundations for the functioning of autonomous mobile service robots in medicine.
     Until 2022, the scientific activity of the Laboratory also included:
     - Research in the field of toxicity and safety of medical techniques and preparations produced with the use of nanotechnologies and nanoparticles;
     - Research in the field of regenerative medicine and bioresorbable materials;
     - Research in the field of fundamentals of scientific and engineering theory of autonomous mobile medical service robots functioning in clinics;
     - Maintenance and joint carrying out of planned research and experimental works of other divisions of MONIKI institute with laboratory animals.
     Currently, these areas of research in the Laboratory are closed due to the separation of the vivarium and a group of biologists with vivarium personnel from the Laboratory into a separate full-time structural unit of the experimental and clinical research department of MONIKI.