Approbation of the dissertation by the research fellow Denis Lapitan on the topic: “Development of the hardware-software equipment for functional diagnostics of the blood microcirculation system” for the Ph.D. degree of the specialty 05.11.17 has successfully passed. Congratulations!

Our laboratory research team headed by Ph.D., Scientific Secretary of the MONIKI Dmitry Kulikov won a grant of the main RFBR competition (project No. 18-02-00564) on the topic: "Development of criteria for the diagnosis of skin fibrosis based on optical methods." Congratulations!

International workshop "Medical photonics for diagnostics and therapy" was held in MONIKI on 27 Dec 2017 with the participation of laboratory's employees.

Research seminar was held in the laboratory on results of completed RFBR grants on the subject of medical service robots. Head of laboratory, Ph.D., Sc. Dr Dmitry Rogatkin presented an overview of the main results of research groups in MONIKI on these projects for 2012-2016.

The main part of the R&D innovative Project "Development of a prototype of the multispectral optical system for identification and assessment of a condition of soft tissues" supported by Grant of the Moscow Regional Government for the execution of research, scientific-technical and innovative projects on the basis of the List of topics for scientific research and development, approved by the decree of the Government of Moscow Region from 03.03.2016 No. 158/7 "On approval of the List of topics for scientific research and development in 2016" has been completed successfully.

A contract was signed with FSUE VNIIOFI about the organization of a 5-year scientific and technical cooperation in the field of Metrology of methods and devices for noninvasive medical spectrophotometry.

The printed issue No.2 of our journal "Almanac of clinical medicine" for 2016 saw the light. For the first time in the history of the journal this issue was entirely devoted to the modern medical physics and biophysics..

In early April, the delegation of MONIKI with the participation of representatives of the laboratory at the invitation of the University of St Andrews (Scotland) and Imperial College London (England) made a visit to the UK.

According to the results of grading assessment of research of scientific divisions in the Institute for 2015, our laboratory has won first place in MONIKI, gaining the most points.

Our detailed analytical review on modern data of neuroscience about functioning of the brain of humans and animals was recently published. It can be found in PDF here (Russian version only, sorry).

On the 27th June, Russian Research Institute of Livestock named after prof. L.K. Ernst, which is located in the village Dubrovitsi (Podolsk district, Moscow Region), has hosted the spring final of "U.M.N.I.K." program by Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology. Based on evaluation of project presentations, jury of experts selected 17 attendees who will gain a grant provided by the Foundation. One of them was our employee - Grachik Egoyan - our young researcher with his project «Development of criteria of biophysical and optical properties of tissues for robot-assisted surgery and regenerative medicine». Congratulations!