The scientific seminar by Ph.D. T.A.Yakhno has taken place. Tatyana Anatolevna Yakhno, senior researcher of the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Nizhni Novgorod), Ph.D. in biology, presented her new dissertational study on "Modular condition and cooperative reactions of integral blood in norm and a pathology". The new dissertation is presented to get a Dr.Sci. degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences. During the seminar questions of use of red light for endoscopic phototherapy, questions of reproducibility and objectivity of the data of a method of dehydration of drops of a liquid, a problem of use of the results of the dissertation study for an estimation of endogenous intoxication and a number of other scientific and technical questions were discussed. The presented dissertational study seemed to all rather interesting, new and actual, however not indisputable on a number of the received results and offered variants of their interpretation.